Domestique Service


Domestique Service


“The Domestique”. Our interim service that covers the 15 point checklist below, focusing on your gearing, braking and drive train systems. In addition, we will de-grease and lubricate components, grease and torque all bolts to spec and carry out any tweaks and adjustments specific to your particular bike. This service will leave your bike running smoothly, safely and ready to ride.

*replacement parts are charged extra

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  • Degrease, clean and lube chain
  • Check and torque all bolts to spec
  • Remove front and rear mech - clean and refit
  • Remove chain and cassette - check for wear and replace if required
  • Brakes - Option 1 Cantilever - Strip down calliper, re-grease and reassemble.
  • Brakes - Option 2 Disk - Remove pads, clean calliper, disc and check pads for wear (replace is required)
  • Check tires for signs of wear and inflate
  • Check and adjust all brakes
  • Check and adjust all gear cables
  • Replace pads (if required /  *prices vary)
  • Replace cables (if required *parts are extra)
  • Adjust and check headset
  • Check bottom bracket for wear
  • Adjust wheel bearings
  • Hubs and rims checked for alignment and damage