King of the Mountain Service


King of the Mountain Service


The complete works. Your bike will come back to you feeling like the first day it rolled out of the bike shop. We’ll strip your bike down to frame and forks, service, clean and adjust every nut, bolt and component and rebuild it good as new. This service offers great value for money and will really help properly maintain your bike.

*replacement parts and components provided at an additional cost.

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  • Remove chain and cassette - check for wear and replace if required
  • Brakes - Option 1 Cantilever - Strip down calliper, re-grease and reassemble.
  • Brakes - Option 2 Disk - Remove pads, clean calliper, disc and check pads for wear (replace is required)
  • Fully strip down to frame and fork
  • Frame cleaned and all threads checked
  • Strip down wheel hubs, clean and re-greased
  • True wheels and adjust spokes
  • Hubs disassembled, cleaned inspected and reassembled
  • Bottom bracket removed, cleaned, re-greased refitted and checked (replaced if necessary)
  • Head set removed, cleaned, re-greased, refitted and checked. Replacement fitted if required
  • Check tires for signs of wear and inflate
  • Check and adjust all brakes
  • Check and adjust all gear cables
  • Replace pads (if required)
  • Replace cables (if required)
  • Adjust and lubricate headset
  • Check bottom bracket for wear
  • Adjust wheel bearings
  • Hubs and rims checked for alignment and damage
  • Degrease, clean and lube chain
  • Check and tighten all bolts
  • Remove front and rear mech - clean and refit